Understanding Your Curls

Understanding Your Curls

When it comes to tackling curls, knowledge is power. Whether you love them and want to know how best to enhance and define your tresses, or hate them and want to know how to achieve super straight, understanding the dynamics of curls gives you back the power to master them.

The climate, your shampoo and even your hairdresser are often blamed for a bad curl day, but the truth is that the real cause is more closely related to biology and physics.

science behind the hair

The Biology

Geneticists are very curious about curls. Research has shown that there’s between an 85 and 95% chance (or 9 in 10) that your curls are down to your DNA. Each follicle of curly hair is asymmetrical and the hair it produces is oval and curly. An asymmetrical follicle produces a strand of hair that grows round and straight. Curly hair also has an uneven distribution of a type of keratin, it pools on the inside edge of a curl beneath the curve.

The Physics

The physicists will tell you that none of the biological facts matter much one way or another and that it’s all down to physics. Ever wonder why most computer-animated Disney princesses have straight hair? Apparently, it’s the lack of a good computer model for how curly hair behaves. The physics of curly hair is complex compared to straight – think 3D versus 2D. Straight hair tends to move from front to back or side to side, whereas for curly hair it’s referred to as multi-directional physics, because your hair goes up, down, at angles and doubles back on itself.


Weight, which is determined by how long your hair is, is the biggest variable in this science: the longer your hair, the more complex and unpredictable each hair becomes. Chaos. Just the kind of a challenge that the physicists like. But no closer to an explanation that delivers discipline and order for curls.

Fortunately, that’s where Noughty steps in. With our Wave Hello range, we give you the tools to turn multi-directional physics and DNA to your advantage. Wave Hello Curl Defining Taming Cream, tames and defines curls, fights frizz and smoothes unruly hair. No matter how unpredictable or chaotic the ringlet, Curl Cream is up to the task, producing envy-inducing manes of luscious curls.

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