The Battle to Volume Victory

The Battle to Volume Victory

The quest for volume is a never-ending battle for many of us. At Noughty, we believe that science holds the key to almost everything, so to fight the frenzy of fine hair and achieve volume victory, let’s explore the science.

The physics of fibre says the thinner the diameter of an individual fibre, the more it deforms. Deforms? That means loses shape. Fine hair, by definition, has the smallest diameter of the hair types, making it more vulnerable to the effects of gravity, the weight of other hair on the head, and the weight of any products used. This goes some way to explaining why your hair goes limp, both as it gets longer, and as you add more products to your regime.

Fine hair shouldn’t be mistaken for thinning hair. Per square centimetre, people with fine hair have more hairs on their head than other hair types; the biology behind part of the problem. Each of those hairs has its own oil gland in the scalp, meaning fine-hair produces more natural oils per square centimetre of hair, weighing the hair down root first, before product is even applied. No wonder you find yourself washing your hair every day.

Wait, there’s more physics before we’re through. The volume of surface area in relation to the mass of hair on your head is greater if you have fine hair. So what? Let’s do the maths: more surface area to cortical fibre + more strands = more potential for product, natural oil and general grime to cling to hair and weigh it down. The conclusion? The products you use on your hair and the ingredients they contain can be critical to making the most of the volume you have in fine hair.

With this knowledge and expertise at our heart, Noughty has created Pumped Up. Our new volumizing range is specially formulated to be oil free with an emphasis on weightless moisturization. We’ve packed the formulations with ingredients to attract moisture and strengthen hair, but have formulated without any ingredient that will leave build up; body-draining, limp-inducing build up. That’s the science behind Pumped Up.  Potent plant chemistry, a cocktail of amino acids, red grape and vitamins like moisture boosting B5 for sulphate, silicone and oil-free cleansing and conditioning.  

So if you’re constantly battling that fine hair frenzy to achieve volume victory, it’s time to get Noughty with Pumped Up Shampoo and Conditioner. Up the volume, down the lights….

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