Noughty Secrets. How to Mask.

Noughty Secrets. How to Mask.

Nearly all of us are guilty of over-processing and overworking our hair. Whether it’s color treatment, heat styling, or simply over-styling, it’s easy to cause damage to hair. Using a nourishing, deeply hydrating treatment on a regular basis should be a no-brainer, so why doesn’t everyone do it?

A lot of people are nervous about using masks on a regular basis because they aren’t clear on how to use them. Well, the secret ingredient to a good masking session is time. Giving our natural ingredients contact time with your locks is part of the process behind the brilliant results you get.

In this video, Noughty Girl Gemma explains how to hair mask. Whether you’re a hair novice or a mask pro brushing up on your skills, you’ll never have an excuse again for not giving your tresses the tender loving care they deserve!

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