New Year. Natural You.

New Year. Natural You.

The new year is the perfect time to embrace new adventures like making the transition to natural haircare.

Why Natural?

Natural is a choice, one that we believe in at Noughty. Not just because it can give you great hair days, or because we humans have been using natural ingredients on our manes for millennia. Going natural is great for the planet and the people who grow, harvest and process natural haircare ingredients, too. Why not discover if natural is the new you this new year?

going natural with noughty

Going Natural with Noughty

Hair may need a little time to detox when transitioning to natural haircare. This is because conventional ingredients can leave residues that coat the hair shaft and build up, weighing the hair down and leaving it dull. Noughty’s sulphate and silicone free products will lift away that build up and start to replenish the moisture that hair is thirsty for.

activate the product


To get the most out of our shampoo, you need to ensure that it is activated before use. To activate, add to palms and rub together thoroughly, before applying to wet hair. When used in this way, you should find that you do not need to use as much of the product.



The key to making natural work hard for you (and your pocket) is simple: water. Make sure you’re using plenty of it, from wetting your hair, to adding water during washing, to rinsing thoroughly. If you think you need more product, make sure you’ve added more water first. The side benefit? More water = less product needed, so a tube of Noughty lasts longer.

8 washes

8 Washes

It can take a few washes (we recommend up to 8) for the build-up to be removed from root to tip. During this transition, hair can feel worse before it feels better. What sort of symptoms should you look out for? Hair can feel tangled, matted, sticky or heavy, as detoxing asks the hair to let go of all the residual materials it’s been holding onto. Check out our blog Going natural the Noughty way, for top tips on how to handle these symptoms.


Noughty New Year

Patience and persistence are worth it: after around 8 washes, hair will start to benefit from the natural ingredients and the balance of oils will be restored. The natural you will be out of the bag, glorious locks on full display. Feeling good about your hair and the contribution going natural makes to the planet and the people who share it with you, is a great start to the new year.

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