Meet The NEW Noughty Hair Consultation Tool

Meet The NEW Noughty Hair Consultation Tool

How confusing and just, well, overwhelming can choosing a shampoo or conditioner be? If you’ve ever stood in the hair care aisle and wondered whether curls trump sensitive scalp or color outweighs volume, we feel your pain. Having multiple hair concerns is totally normal and it’s time you were able to address each and every one of them.  Since Noughty’s all about providing solutions to haircare challenges, we put our heads together and built the Noughty Discover Your Roots Hair Consultation Tool to help you build a bespoke regime that suits your mane’s needs and doesn’t forget your scalp.

Think of this as a speed date with your hair. In a handful of questions, Noughty will get to know enough about your locks and the challenges you face to create a regime that’s you from root to tip.

How It Works

When you’re building a regime, the key is listening to your hair and having a tool box of products that enable you to switch things up, depending on your hairs needs on that particular day. It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut of using one shampoo and one conditioner, meaning you lose out on a more tailored ritual that would yield more great hair days. It’s why you might find two, or even three shampoos in your recommended basket.

Let’s start with shampoo. Shampoo has one fundamental job to do: clean your hair and scalp. It’s one of the very few products that should be put directly onto the scalp. So, if you have a concern with your scalp, whether it’s sensitive or oily, itchy or reactive, the solution starts with your Shampoo.

You might find a shampoo from one range and a conditioner from another in your basket. Our quiz works to identify your individual hair needs and tailor your regime to address each and every one of them. So, for example, you can soothe your scalp with Care Taker Scalp Soothing Shampoo and still get curl defining nourishment with Wave Hello Curl Defining Conditioner. You also might find what we’ve called an ‘Additional Shampoo’ in your basket, we recommend adding this shampoo into your regime in place of your regular shampoo every other time you wash, to target additional needs that your regular shampoo does not. 

When it comes to styling solutions, if you heat style occasionally, but usually rock natural waves, both To The Rescue Serum with its heat protecting magic mushroom extract and Hello Curls Define & Reshape Curl Primer might appear in your basket. Regime is all about having the right tool in the box for today…even if you did something completely different yesterday.

Tip Top

Because we believe that a great product can be made even more effective with a little knowledge, we’ve added top tips that will amplify your regime. Not just the products that suit you, but how to use them to get the most for your hair type or challenge.

Who knows, the Noughty Hair Tool might provide the spark for a wonderful new romance with the product of your dreams.


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