How to get your hair summer ready.

How to get your hair summer ready.

There’s no use denying it: summers may be full of fun, but they’re hard on your hair. To come out the other side of festivals, beach holidays, sunbathing and dips in the pool with healthy looking hair, you need to do some prior prep. A few subtle tweaks to your regime will have your locks ready to face the music in no time.

Damage Development

Damage is a spiral to nowhere good. Your hair’s armour is the cuticle, a layer of overlapping scales designed to keep the world out and moisture in. Cracks in that armour create weakness, and weakness can result in splits, snaps, fraying…which, you guessed it, lead to more damage. There are two routes to tackling this kind of damage: prevention and cure. To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment contains ingredients like black oat extract and lecithin, proven to target weak areas of the hair and provide extra support to those spots, to prevent them from developing into unfixable damage. Adding this hair mask into your regime every week, or lengthening the amount of time you leave it on your hair from 3 or 5 minutes to 20, will help build resistance to what summer has in store.

That cure? Found in the hairdresser’s scissors. Consider getting a trim to stop splits from travelling and to start the summer as you mean to go on.

Switch It Up

summer hair

It’s all too easy to get stuck in a routine of using the same products over the entire year without considering whether your hair, or the conditions you expose it to, are changing. When you change your winter woollies for linen and swap soups for salads, it’s a good time to consider switching up your haircare regime too. Knowing you’re going to be out and about in the sun more, maybe it’s time to introduce Colour Bomb Color Protecting Shampoo to help prevent color fade. Are you getting enough moisture from your conditioner? Would adding Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner to the mix lift its condition? You know your hair better than anyone. Just take the time to listen to what it wants and tweak your regime accordingly.

Update the Arsenal

Summer sun sucks moisture out of hair. Then there’s all that summer fun; chlorine at pool parties, salt on days spent lounging on a beach and heat used to perfect your party styles can all have damaging effects on your hair. So make sure you have the tools to tackle the results. Keep Detox Dynamo Clarifying Shampoo to hand to tackle build up, To The Rescue Serum to protect hair from heat styling, and Intensive Care and Thirst Aid for moisture emergencies. And don’t forget the handy travel sizes of our To The Rescue range. Whether it’s a last minute city break or a week of fun in the sun, they meet the airline regulations for hand luggage so you’ll never be caught short.

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