NY Fashion Week: HAUS OF NOUGHTY at Ricky’s NYC

NY Fashion Week: HAUS OF NOUGHTY at Ricky’s NYC

The breeze is suddenly ever-so-crisp. The cozy unmistakable scent of Pumpkin Spice Latte wafts gently through the air, back on the menu at last. All around the city, the clack of stilettos can be heard rushing down the cobblestones. It can all only mean one thing…it’s New York Fashion Week!

To ring in this monumental week of style on the catwalks and the sidewalks, Noughty paired with celebrated NY beauty institution Ricky’s NYC at their new Chelsea pop-up to throw the best party you’ve ever been invited to. As an homage to Ricky’s origins in the out-there-styles of the 80s and 90s NYC Club Kid era, we threw a HAUS OF NOUGHTY party, complete with a 90’s inspired selfie wall, throwback club hits to get the Louboutin’s tapping, and nature-inspired high-fashion hairstyles by celebrity stylist Marcello Costa, who topped the en vogue locks with fresh clippings from some of our favorite plants.

Couldn’t make it? Don’t cry all over your Prada bag! Have your own dance party with our HAUS OF NOUGHTY playlist! Even if the catwalk is in your kitchen.

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