Get Noughty this Valentine's Day

Get Noughty this Valentine's Day

At Noughty, we’re advocates of the individual, of choice without judgement. As the infinitely wise Dr. Seuss said, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” We happen to think you’re pretty fantastic. So this Valentine’s, who is more deserving of your love than you?

As ever, there’s some science behind our philosophy of self-love, too. There’s evidence that holding yourself in high esteem has knock-on benefits in wellbeing, purposefulness, enjoyment and positivity. In an infinite circle, self-love motivates habits and self-care, which inspires more esteem and self-love.

So, we say, this Valentine’s Day, get that self-love spiralling with a little care for the hair on your head instead of envying someone else’s locks. Make your own grass greener, we say, with the right products and care.

To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment

Volume Vixens

Did you know your fine hair means you probably have more follicles than your neighbour? With that follicular wealth comes extra sebum –fine hair can be oilier and require more frequent washing. So reach for oil-free Pumped Up, never wash your hair with hot water (warm will do), and apply stylers to mid-lengths and ends.

Rainbow Maidens

Whether you’re recapturing colour gone by, mimicking the sun’s effects, or expressing yourself artistically, preparing and caring for coloured hair helps to enhance the way colour takes (use Detox Dynamo to clean and clarify before visiting the colourist). To keep your colour of choice fresh and bold, help prevent fade with antioxidant-rich Colour Bomb.

Curly Tops

Self-love is about discipline for curly girls (no, not the Hollywood diet and gym kind). Manage unruly manes with Wave Hello Taming Cream and our brand new Hello Curls Primer for frizz-free, envy-inducing, defined curves from wave to coil and every curl between.

Sensitive Souls

Nothing is more uncomfortable or embarrassing than a tender, itchy scalp and its evidence. Address the issue scalp first: Care Taker is packed with soothing naturals like bisabolol and avenanthramide-rich oats to leave you cool, calm and confident.

Just Desserts

Dry, damaged hair can get stuck in a cycle of breakage and frizz, so intervene with some hardcore moisture in the form of To The Rescue Hair Treatment. Follow up the love with the potency of leave-in conditioner – we’ve got two, Intensive Care and Thirst Aid.

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